5 Ways New Drummers Can Learn Faster!

So, you’ve bought a drum kit? And you’re either itching to learn more quickly than you have been or, worse, the drum kit is sitting forlorn and unloved in the spare room? We get it, learning a new instrument seems tough and all the practice you need can seem boring and repetitive.

Here at Jamm Studios, we think that learning to play any instrument should be fun and if you’re a beginner wanting drum lessons or are looking for drum lessons with a bit more oomph then we’ve got just what you need.

To get you started, here are five ways to fast track your drum lessons and reach your awesome potential more quickly:


Flexibility and FunDSC_0542

Firstly, drumming should be fun and that’s going to be a big part of every lesson. There’ll be structure and a practice schedule, but that’ll be adaptive to your needs  and what you’re looking to achieve and it’ll never get in the way of enjoying the music. You’ll be challenged to achieve greater goals but they’ll never be beyond your reach and you’ll always have the satisfaction of a job well done.



It’s not only our tutors and the lessons that are adaptive to your needs, but pretty soon you’re going to be adaptive too. We actively encourage improvisation – finding your own style and sound on the instrument. You’ll be noodling, improvising and finding what sounds great. You’ll be embracing the performance and turning those first hesitant steps into the drumming world into a finely polished art form, poetry in percussive motion.


Learning from the GreatsDSC_0335

Maybe there’s one drummer you look up to, someone you want to emulate? Maybe you want to be the next TravisBarker or, if you’re really old school, Gene Krupa. That’s great. Here at Jamm Studios, we’ll encourage you to look at the drumming styles of lots of different musicians. You’ll discover how versatile an instrument the drums are, how you can rapidly expand your repertoire of drum skills by closely watching the greats playing in a variety of styles. Someday someone might be watching your drumming style as their inspiration.

Being the next Travis Barker is one thing, but here at Jamm Studios what we really want is for you to be your own unique self so we’ll encourage you to experiment with your playing. You’ll find your own ways to play and your own sound. New rhythms and new beats, there’s no limit to what you could achieve. Frankly, we’re excited to hear it.



Finally, we need to talk about the elephant in the room – the fact that drummers always sit at the back while the rest of the band get to socialise on stage. Not here; we take our name seriously, so at Jamm Studios you’ll be jamming with lots of other drummers, a whole community of people who love drums as much as you do. You’ll make new friends, you’ll find support and encouragement, a little friendly competition and a whole lot of laughs. Pretty cool, huh?


So if you’re an absolute beginner at the drums with the drum kit fresh out of the box or you’ve been learning for a while with precious little progress, then don’t despair. At Jamm Studios, we’ve got just the right lessons for you. Come and learn the drums in a friendly, supportive atmosphere and be every bit the musician you dream of being.


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