Abby’s Guitar Journey – Part 11!

Watch Abby’s progress!

Hi guys! It’s time for another update on my progress, and things are definitely moving along now. This week was my 12th lesson and I don’t know where the time has gone.

This week was my last lesson with Christian for now and it was the most testing week yet!

Following on from our work with rhythms last week Christian asked me to write a few bars of rhythm to use a strumming patterns this week. He said I had done well with them and we tried them together to a metronome to keep them in time.


As with our other lessons Christian liked to test me to see if I had really understood something so we worked on recognising rhythms of 2 and 4 bars in length. Once I had identified them we played them on our guitars with basic strumming. I then had to choose my favourite one that i felt most comfortable with and used it to practice the chords to Ed Sheerans “Sing” at different tempos.

Christian had prepared a a backing track like the song in advance and we then used the chords and the rhythm we had chosen to play along with it. It felt great and i’m now a lot more comfortable with changing chords smoothly and to keep my strumming hand going the whole time.

And then they gave me the good news!!

So as you’ve probably seen throughout these blogs Dominic and the rest of the guts like to keep things interesting and only tell me things last minute, and this week was no different. I found out that not only was i going to be recorded again but i was also going to be filmed!! No Pressure!! (Don’t worry I’m working on some kind of punishment for all of them lol).

So here it is in all it’s cinematic glory, this is me playing my version of Ed Sheerans “Sing”!

Thanks for watching and any feedback is welcome. I’ll be back next week to report on the first of my next set of lessons with Paul (I bet he can’t wait).

Christians thoughts:

It must be a very daunting experience being recorded in the studio, not to mention being filmed too, but Abby did so well under the pressure and played really well. She has learnt so much in the last four weeks and i’m sure she ill continue to build on these foundational skills in her next set of lessons with Paul and Alex, and I look forward to seeing her in 8 weeks time. Well done Abby keep up the good work!

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