Abby’s Guitar Journey – Part 12!

Round 2!

Hey guys welcome back to my blog and this week it was time for me to start again on the tutor merry-go-round as I return to Paul for the next 4 weeks!

It’s interesting to think back to the first time I sat in front of Paul when I knew nothing about the guitar or what all the jargon meant. Whereas now I’ve experienced 3 tutors, have got my own guitar and have learnt to play some basic songs.

Paul was impressed with how I’ve been getting on since the last time he saw me, including handling the pressure of having my progress recorded as audio and more recently video.

Paul was aware that I had spent time working on some specific open chords to play 2 songs, and now understand some basic theory in terms of rhythm. However, he said he wanted to get me back to moving around the fret board with every chord available to me now that my fingers are more accustomed to fretting and strumming. This sounds good as I’d like to be able to find the chord I want no matter where I am on the neck.

Paul has a very specific way of looking at this and it took me a little while to understand the musical alphabet and how this relates to chords, but I’m sure when we get into the next lesson I will see how Paul has managed to condense a complex topic into a very simple solution.

I’m excited to see my ability expand now that I’m onto my second round with each tutor.

Come back next week and you never know we may have another recording or video for you to see my progress.


Check this out!

I’ve been making a conscious effort to surround myself with more guitar material as it’s not something I’ve done a lot of before. The Insta Jamm series of videos is a great way of doing this I think and this week I will be looking at this episode from Christian to help me speed up my chord changes. You should try it too, and let me know how you got on!


Pauls Thoughts:

Abby has done really well since I last saw her and has managed to cope with a big challenge in the shape of having to change tutors every 4 weeks which is something our other students don’t have to do. I was the first to teach Abby and in that I saw someone who had no real musical experience and had never tried anything like this before. There is a big difference now as Abby has experienced lessons, has spent time with her own instrument and is now more confident to get involved with the concepts being put in front of her. Over the next 3 lessons my goal will be to build on the theoretical knowledge she has gained in the last 8 weeks and give her more freedom with chord shapes around the fretboard. Well done Abby.


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