Left Hand Muting! – June InstaJamm 2

Are you playing Smells Like Teen Spirit right?

The last couple of months have brought us a stream of Insta Jamm debuts and this weeks Insta Jamm episode is no different as we introduce Alex!

So for most guitar students (especially Nirvana fans) learning to play Smells Like Teen Spirit is something they try and do very early on. However, sometimes you can find issues with the distortion and the power chord sounding messy or noisy so in this episode Alex shows you an awesome left hand muting technique to clean this up!

The big difference is knowing exactly how much force to use so that you don’t end up producing a full barre chord, but simply mute the other strings.


Try this out and see how it can clean up that noisy distortion and make Smells Like Teen Spirit sound as awesome and epic as it should!

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