Ask Us Anything – October 2017

From vocal mics to strumming issues this month!

Hey guys we’re back with another awesome instalment of Ask Us Anything, the video series where we answer the questions you’ve left on our Social media channels this month!

This months questions were….let’s say interesting? and thank you to everyone who submitted questions for us to answer.

This months questions are as follows:

1.  What type of microphone is best for vocals?

2. Would you consider a James bond style guitar clinic?

3. When is the next round of Jamm Preserves?

4. As a concerned customer, I’d like to know what emergency plans do Jamm have if the following were to occur. Avalanche, Volcanic eruption, Space emergency, Stampede (of any kind including goldfish), running out of milk?

5. I have an issue with my strumming arm wandering up the neck, any tips for keeping my right arm in place for the best sound?

6. What did the Romans ever do for us?

As ever our team of music super heroes have done their best to give you the fullest answers we can!

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