Behind The Scenes: How We Make Our Crazy Cover Videos!

How do we do it??

You may have noticed that recently we’ve been getting some rather weird requests from our students and followers for our Ask Us Anything video series. They have been issuing us with challenges to produce cover videos using very random items with our first attempt being an awesome (if we do say so ourselves) version of Taylor Swifts – Shake it off, using everyones favourite tuneful sweet treat – The Melody Pop! Check out that video here.

In our August Ask Us Anything we were given another challenge by a student who has been with us since the very beginning, Daisy Hatton. Daisy is an incredible vocalist and gained a place as the prestigious London College Of Music!

Daisy always made us laugh when she came to the studio as she would regularly turn up in very interesting footwear ranging from crazy flip flops to slippers that looked like unicorns. And that’s not all, she would always walk in with a tasty drink of tea (all different types and flavours have been covered in her time here) and all manor of different drinking vessels – but never a travel mug!

Daisy asked if she could be immortalised in Jamm Studios history by asking us to create a cover of her favourite Beyonce track using nothing but slippers, flip flops and cups of tea!

What more could we say other than…….Challenge accepted!

Here’s what we came up with.

Since then we have had countless questions and comments asking us how we create these videos, especially in so little time, as usually there is only a week between the question being asked and the video needing to go live.

So here is a behind the scene rough step by step example of how we put these things together.

Thanks for watching and feel free to challenge us with whatever crazy items you think we can’t make music out of!

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