Adding the ride cymbal to your grooves – October Insta Jamm 2

Improve your ride cymbal playing! This weeks Insta Jamm episode is for our drummers as our drum expert Lee Davies shows you a handy tip to add some texture and definition to your ride cymbal […]

Speed up your chord changes – October Insta Jamm 1

The end of sluggish chord changes!   Are you struggling to gain speed and fluidity in your chord changes? Well don’t worry we’ve all been there before!   Changing chords can be difficult. Having to twist […]

7th Chords – September Insta Jamm 2

Intro to chord extensions! This month our Piano ace Ollie is back with some more top tips to spice up your playing. In this episode we take a look at some simple chord extensions in […]

Ask Us Anything – September 2017

We answer your questions! We’re back with our second episode of Ask Us Anything, the series where we answer your questions left on our social media channels. This month we had some great questions from […]

Perform-V App Review!

Add some extra effects to your Perform-V!   If you’ve seen our recent blogs you will have seen our full review of the TC-Helicon Perform-V. We were blown away by the amount of possibilities packed […]

Soloing Over 2-5-1’s – September Insta Jamm 1

Insta Jamm Goes Jazz! In this weeks episode our series takes a distinctly jazz flavour as Alex shows us a simple lick to understand soloing over 2-5-1 chord progressions. These are common place in a […]

Perform V Full Review!

Add some affects to your singing rig! The Perform-V is TC’s smaller perform unit in that it deals with solely vocals (unlike the VK, VE and VG) but still packs a big punch. It’s ideal […]

Ask Us Anything – August 2017

Welcome to our newest video series! We’re now answering your questions in our new monthly video series – “Ask Us Anything”. Our in house team of music super nerds are here to help with any […]

Essential Mic Technique – August Insta Jamm 3

Perfect Your Mic Technique! This weeks episode of Insta Jamm Jen gives us some valuable insight into correct microphone technique! For a lot of singers using a mic can be a frightening experience at first, […]