Adding stepped hi-hats to your grooves! – October Insta Jamm

We’re back with our next awesome episode!   Insta Jamm is our new video series featuring our awesome team! these bite size monthly videos we look to give you some handy practice exercises, and playing […]

Welcome to Insta Jamm!

Our new video series is here!   If you’ve been looking for some awesome, hints, tips, and golden nuggets of wisdom to help expand your knowledge, practice and playing then look no further!   Today […]

Endorsement Deals – Do’s & Dont’s

Endorsement is a word we see mentioned very frequently in the music industry, and being on the artist roster of the biggest manufacturers, right next to your idols is usually a dream of every musician. […]

Using Social Media To Break Into The Music Industry

For new bands, social media presents opportunities that simply didn’t exist 10 years ago. I remember when MySpace appeared and overnight it was possible to share music with people around the globe. Social Media has […]

Paul Glover gives us a tour of the all new Laney GH50R!!

This month we got to play with another monster amp from the folks over at Laney Amplification, and as always our resident lord of shred and Laney ambassador, Paul Glover, gives us the low down […]

D’Addario NYXL – now for bass!

We’re back with another awesome product from D’Addario, this time its for our bass player friends out there! This month we got to test drive the new NYXL Bass strings. Having been launched at the […]

Are these the best acoustic guitar strings ever?

The good folks over at D’Addario recently sent us a top secret package filled with unreleased goodies! So we just had to try them out and film it for you!  This time we got to play […]

Paul Glover in the studio with the Laney Lionheart L5 studio!

  Today our resident gear geek, Paul Glover, had an in-depth look and listen to this two channel, small and mighty 5 watt super amp from Laney.   The Laney Lionheart L5 Studio   The Laney […]

Meet the team!!

Here at Jamm our team of music teaching super heroes are ready to take your playing to places you never thought possible, whether you are a beginner or pro! Think of us as a musical […]