Abby’s Guitar Journey – Part 12!

Round 2! Hey guys welcome back to my blog and this week it was time for me to start again on the tutor merry-go-round as I return to Paul for the next 4 weeks! It’s […]

Abby’s Guitar Journey – Part 11!

Watch Abby’s progress! Hi guys! It’s time for another update on my progress, and things are definitely moving along now. This week was my 12th lesson and I don’t know where the time has gone. […]

Abby’s Guitar Journey – Part 10!

Making progress! Hey guys, thanks for coming back to find out how I got on in my lesson this week! Firstly I’m really enjoying having my lesson in the studio as it’s an environment I’ve […]

The Walking Shred – Workshop Review!

EVERYONE SURVIVED!! In another incredible themed guitar workshop we created new masters of shred with all the skills to take on the zombie horde and survive! This was our most interactive workshop yet as everyone […]

Abby’s Guitar Journey – Part 9!

Abby gets her first guitar!! Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog and this has definitely been an exciting week in my journey to becoming a rockstar! This weeks biggest news is that my guitar […]

Abby’s Guitar Journey – Part 8!

Time to change tutor! Hey guys, once again welcome back to my weekly blog where I’ve been keeping you up to date with my progress on my journey to learn to play the guitar! If […]

Abby’s Guitar Journey – Part 7!

Alex is off the hook! Hey guys welcome back to my blog and thanks for taking an interest in following my guitar journey! So this week was my last lesson for now with Alex as […]

Abby’s Guitar Journey – Part 6!

Abby’s making great progress! Hi everyone and once again thanks for coming back to see how I’m getting on with my lessons. I think things have been going well in my first 7 lessons so […]

Abby’s Guitar Journey – Part 5!

Abby tackles some classic Beatles! Welcome back to my blog, and thanks to everyone who has been keeping up with my guitar learning journey so far. If you are only just tuning in please have […]