Christmas Stocking Fillers – PART 2!

Give the gift of local music!

Welcome to part 2 of our Christmas stocking filer guide where this time we focus on our friends and super talented local musicians from the studio.

Theres nothing better than unwrapping a new album under the tree on Christmas day and we can’t think of anything greater than listening to original local music.

Check out the video (there may be a give away if you watch till the end, wink wink) and get a load of these insanely talented people.

Each of the EP’s are priced at £5 and we think thats great value for the effort and talent put behind these works.

You could even go one step further and check the band out live where I’m sure they would sign a copy for you!

Most of these EP’s are available from the studio in physical format, and can always be purchased from the bands/artists or online.

Thanks and Merry Christmas!

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