D’Addario NYXL – now for bass!

We’re back with another awesome product from D’Addario, this time its for our bass player friends out there!

This month we got to test drive the new NYXL Bass strings. Having been launched at the NAMM show at the end of January we thought we had waiting long enough to demo the beta sample we received.

For anyone who saw the launch of the NYXL guitar strings or has used any, you will already know the magic that lies behind this product. If you’re new to the D’Addario world then heres the information you need…

The NYXL Bass string is a completely re-engineered bass string made to open up entirely new possibilities in your playing. The string incorporates the high-carbon NY steel core for improved tuning and stability and increased string life, and the reformulated nickel-plated steel wrap wire provides amazingly comfortable feel and increased magnetic permeability for a more dynamic tonal response.

A greta product delivering expanded sonic range with deep powerful lows, focussed “punch” and extremely accentuated harmonics – all with more sustain and tuning stability than ever before.

Hit play and watch our video review/demo!


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