Are these the best acoustic guitar strings ever?

The good folks over at D’Addario recently sent us a top secret package filled with unreleased goodies! So we just had to try them out and film it for you!

This time we got to play with the new Acoustic N6 Alloy strings. This is a big deal for two reason, firstly D’Addario aren’t the type of company to go to great lengths to develop a new product for the sake of it, so you know it’s got to be a winner, and secondly although there have been many developments and new products in the electric guitar string world in recent years the same can’t be said for acoustic guitar strings so that makes these strings extra awesome. We wondered if they could possibly be the best acoustic strings ever??
We have several acoustic guitars in the studio and they are usually kitted out with the standard (but nevertheless awesome) D’Addario EJ11’s. These are an uncoated string (which is our preference) and sound awesome and last a good while even with daily use. the only other option usually, especially if you need more longevity out of your strings, is a coated string and D’Addario do make some awesome coated version of their acoustic strings, but we tend to find that we lose that familiar feel. From the information we have these new N6 Alloy strings seem to solve that problem. they are an uncoated string with the strength and longevity of a coated string! What could be better?

The N6 Alloy’s are made from the usual suspects that you would see with other D’Addario strings, phosphor bronze and nickel, but these strings also have the addition of the renowned NY high carbon steel from the awesome NYXL electric guitar strings! And like that wasn’t enough these strings also share those amazing crisp hexagonal cores and perfectly round steel strings. What does this mean for your sound? Well most acoustic strings have round cores, but with the hexagonal cores these strings will tune in quicker and easier, and your tuning will stay more stable for longer! D’Addario say this will mean less time tuning and more time to express yourself and from our demo of them we can definitely agree. Because of their construction, and like the NYXL electric strings, these strings will allow you to pick and bend freely without worrying about breakage.

We have no pricing information on them and no date for release, but if you want to keep an eye on the updates for these strings so you can get your hands on them, if you use the hashtag #N6Alloy on all social media channels you will find lots of information out there.

For this review we decided to compare these strings to our usual set up and have a listen to the difference. We noticed a couple of things straight away. Firstly all of the strings including the wound ones are silver in colour (which we think looks really cool), but we aren’t sure whether this is just for the beta samples, we will have to wait an see. They had a great feel to them, and did exactly as they say on the tin, went straight into tune.

Take a look at the review and hear what these new strings sound like, and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel for more updates and reviews!

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