Drum showcase 2016 highlights!

Watch our awesome drummers in action!

Every year our students take to the stage in different shows and formats, whether it be in instrument specific shows, Jamm Factory showcases or taking the place of our staff in the backing band for our vocal showcases!

But for our Drummers it’s the drum showcases that really lets them step to the front of the stage and show off their progress and achievements. Being the first type of individual instrument showcase we had ever done, these shows are always the bench mark for pushing into new areas and concepts with our live shows. The first time around saw them playing to backing tracks of their favourite artists, but this wasn’t pushing their skills far enough!

Last year we took it up a notch and set them the task of playing to drumless backing tracks, meaning there was no guide and no where to hide!

Take a look at the highlight video below and be inspired by these awesome musicians of all ages!


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