Drum Showcase 2018 Highlights!

Another awesome show!

Well done to all the performers in this showcase event. 27 drums stepped up with some incredible performances to show the brilliant progress they have made so far. From those taking to the stage for the first time, to students who are now seasoned veterans to our showcases.

This show featured the following students:

Kian Ford 00:06

Arianne Balderstone 00:56

Ruth Gibson 01:29

Jake topping 02:03

Christine Dean 02:38

Abigail Weston 03:14

Sarah Bennett 03:48

Esther Matthews 04:26

Joseph Mathews 05:01

Daniel Weston 05:36

Isaac Goldsack 06:09

Mike Foster 06:44

Lousie Appleton 07:21

Edward Caulfield 07:57

Harry Houghton 08:31

Madeleine Hale 09:07

Mikey Gallagher-Atherton 09:42

Chris Barrett 10:18

Kyle Thilwind 10:55

Max Gilford 11:29

Matthew Poole 12:04

Martin Eddies 12:37

Oscar Streams 13:08

Matthew Thompson 13:39

Jason Murray 14:10

James Fleming 14:43

Nathan Hill 15:14

Well done guys, we can’t wait to see what you bring to your next performance!

Watch more here!