Easy Funk Strumming – July Insta Jamm 2

Improve your funk guitar playing now!


Christian is back and in this fresh episode of Insta Jamm he shows us some cool tips to master some basic funk guitar strumming!


You will have learned about left hand muting in one of our previous videos in the series, and this extends that with the importance of this technique in funk styles. Check out that video now if you haven’t seen it!


Now we take you through some simple ideas to show you that funk strumming patterns can be easy to play if we focus on two rhythms. The first is constant 8th notes (quavers if you prefer), and secondly constant 16th notes (semi-quavers).


With these two rhythms and some left hand muting technique you can play convincingly in the funk style.


Try it out and as always let us know if theres anything you would like to see covered in this series!


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