Evans UV1 Drum Head Review!

Could this be the best drum head ever?

In recent years Evans have been blazing a trial in drum head innovations that have so far been unrivalled by anything that other brands can throw at them! Looking back to the announcement of the truly incredible and industry changing level 360 hoop technology, which now features on every single Evans head, to developments like the thunderous black chrome’s and extremely durable heavyweight’s! What could they possibly do to top all of these? Well an Ultraviolet cured coating could do it?

Well the boffins over at Evans have done exactly that!


Evans say that the UV1 provides durability and consistency unmatched by any other coated head, with a coating that we are told is the most evenly applied of any drum head ever! Thats a bold claim but having compared this to something like a standard coated G1 (bearing in mind we’ve never had an issue with the uniformity of the coating on a G1), the UV1’s coating is as close to perfection you could probably get.

Although similar in that they are both 10mm single ply heads, the UV1 uses a different film which has warmer tonal characteristics and is more resistant to stretching and denting. We installed the head on a Sakae steel snare and played the drum all morning to experiment with its tuning range and tones before starting to film and by the end of the day the head still looked as fresh as it did at the start, with no pitting or denting, and no flaking of the coating. We expected it to do what it said on the tin, but that kind of result is unheard of!

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 19.35.27

The 10mil film ensures a great range of sonic possibilities for all types of players and the 360 hoop technology ensures that! As with all 360 heads this demo sample just fell onto the drum and a quick flick of the finger saw it spin round around with no snags for perfect seating and guaranteed ease of tuning! Once installed it was responsive even at the lowest of tunings, this thing is lively!

we tried the drum on the lowest sludgy tuning we could get away with, and then cranked it all the way up as high as we could get it. At every stage of tuning the head presented something new and different for any kind of player to experiment with. Our preference was to have it somewhere between medium and high tuning at which point it gave us a nice crack to the rim shots and tight controlled sound on normal strokes, and you can hear this tuning in the background of the video.

Having only tried this on a snare we don’t yet know how it reacts on a tom, but with what we’ve seen so far we can’t wait to get a full set on our teaching kits as the result can only be impressive! There’s a UV1 for ever drum and Evans are rolling them out in the following sizes…

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 18.22.36

We had a blast with this head and its certainly a game changer, but the only way to tell for yourself is to get down to your local Evans retailer, pick up a set and try them!

But for now check out our review below and have a listen to this incredible head!