Happy New Year!

Thank you for another amazing year!


It’s been another incredible year here at Jamm, filled with even more memories, laughs and achievements for us and our students!

2016 was another year of firsts for us with our first ever vocal and performance clinic, helping our singers to enhance their knowledge of live performance set ups and working with a band, and we hope to see another clinic next year! We couldn’t mention clinics without remembering our most ambitious clinic to date, our Sons of Any Key guitar clinic. Although not our first guitar clinic, it is the first clinic that will be available in DVD format in the new year!

And in what is possibly our biggest achievement so far, our Jamm preserves bands took to the stage in February to complete 7 months of hard work to perform on stage for the first time. An incredible achievement for them, and our Preserves sessions will be back in 2017!


This year also brought us the start of our Insta Jamm video series! for those of you that haven’t seen them yet, these short monthly videos are full of handy hints and tips from our team of tutors to challenge you to try something new or add a new exercise to your practice routine so that you can further your playing even more! These monthly videos are available across all instrument and can be accessed either on our Facebook video link or our Youtube channel, so subscribe to get all the updates as they happen.

It’s been great to see our showcases so well supported this year and we are all excited that all of you are actively looking to be involved in every show we announce! We feel that performance opportunities are important and we will be extending our showcase roster in 2017 to include student guitar shows, building on the success of our drum, piano and vocal showcases. So make sure you tell your tutor if you would like to be involved!

Lastly the team wanted to take the opportunity to thank you all for your incredible support for everything we do here. We would not have this amazing atmosphere without you! We with you all a very happy, healthy and musical New Year!