Home Recording Course – NEW!!

Maximise your home studio set up and learn new skills!

Do you have a tonne of ideas for new music and have become sick of  recording things into your phone? Or have you splashed out on a load of great home studio gear but don’t quite know how to get it all working together and maximise everything it can offer you? Well the solution is our new home recording course!

Here at the studio we have a lot of people booking studio time for many different things but one thing always comes up. Bands and solo artists alike are always frustrated that they can’t always get their ideas down in a basic structured way that can be taken into the studio. Having this ability would help in 2 ways. First it would allow them to only book studio time (which can be expensive) when they know they have everything in the right place for each track, and secondly it means they can use their time more effectively in the studio rather than wasting time trying to go through the track or figure out which way they want things to work.

So we designed this course with one main aim….to give you the most essential skills to get a recording together with basic home equipment, and have the ability to process that recording in the most straight forward way.

the course is organised over three, 6 hour days. Don’t worry about having to wait for school holidays or booking time off work, the 3 days don’t have to be scheduled consecutively. You can schedule them in whichever way fits best for you, but its worth bearing in mind it is best if they are closer together.

In 3 days you will learn the following:

The stages of music production

Hardware and software options and how to connect them

Finding inspiration, writing for an audience, track analysis and arrangement

Audio recording for vocals, guitars and bass

Using MIDI and software instruments and editing

Editing your audio

Mixing audio and use of reference tracks

Volume, pan, EQ, compression, reverb and delay

Basic mastering, EQ, limiting and bouncing

And that’s not all!

We wouldn’t expect you to just remember all of the knowledge gained on this course, and it’s not always easy to take full notes when you’re hands on in the studio, so the course includes the following:

Full course manual

Video tutorials


Essential plug ins


The time spent on each element can be tailored to the individual so it’s best to have a chat with us to make sure you can get exactly what you need from the course.

We are now taking bookings so get in touch and let’s level up your studio skills and put that studio equipment to good use!

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