Jamm Factory students become rockstars!

Jamm Factory music videos are here!

We always like to finish our Jamm Factory sets with something that the students involved can show how hard they have been working. In the past this has taken the form of a live showcase, a battle of the bands and even a recording session. This time we thought it would be good to take it to the next level, and film some awesome music videos!

Jamm Factory is something we are very proud of here at Jamm, and something that was created to further the way we believe musical skills should develop, by using them in context with other musicians.

Once a student has enough skills to be able to take on the challenge of Jamm Factory our tutors put their name forward and we give them the option of joining one of 6 bands. from there they get to put the skills they learn in their one-to-one lessons into action and find out how their instruments sits in context with others and how to work with other musicians. We are passionate about people being able to use what they know, and not just knowing it!

Jamm Factory is open to all young musicians from beginner to intermediate level, and it is not restricted to those who take one-to-one tuition with us.

So if you want to have some serious fun, challenge yourself and learn how your instrument fits into a band then get in touch, or head over to our tuition page for more info on Jamm Factory sessions!

Well done to everyone who took part in these videos, you should all be proud of yourselves! And a big thank you goes to our lord of shred, Paul Glover, for the many sleepless nights he had while editing the videos so that everyone took home the best video possible!

Take a look at all 6 of the bands on the youtube playlist below and remember to Like, Share and Subscribe!

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