We are glad that during since we closed our doors to the public on the 23rd March, our students and their families have been well and enjoying their online sessions with us.

We thank all of you enough for the incredible support you have given to all of us. Your kind words and encouragement during this time has also been greatly appreciated by everyone here.

Following recent easing of lockdown restrictions, we will be reopening our studio to the public on Tuesday 16th June. Of course, this is subject to change based on any further government updates.

We have been working with the local environmental health to adhere to all guidance and ensure the safety for our team and students. That has resulted in the preparation of a comprehensive risk assessment and also changes to how we will work within the studio.

We know that it’s been hard for everyone throughout the last few months and like us we hope you all can’t wait to come back to the studio.

Please remember that our online lesson option is now an ongoing option for lessons and you are under no obligation to return to physical lessons until you wish to do so.

All of these measures will be reviewed as we move forward and in line with government advice.

Of course, this isn’t going to be easy as these are things none of us have had to try to implement before. So, we will need your help.

If you have any suggestions of how we can improve on this plan, or so see anything in the studio that we could change please talk to us and we can get this right together for everyone to enjoy.

Tutors & Students

  • For the first week only, staff that would work better from the studio due to equipment will be allowed to return, with other staff filtering in on the following week.
  • Students who were unable to do online lessons will be the first to be welcomed back for physical lessons.
  • Only students are allowed into the studio and into their lessons as guidance only allows for the tutor and 1 student to be in the room at any one time.
  • All of our tutors and students will be required to wear masks (save where it is not possible to play the instrument) when in the studio.
  • To reduce the number of surfaces people will come into contact with, we ask that all students bring their own guitars and drumsticks to lessons. This will help to save time for us to sanitise our instruments for students without an instrument.
  • Any staff member feeling unwell with COVID symptoms will work from home and switch back to the online system fully for the period of isolation, if they are well enough to do this.
  • Any students suffering with symptoms should not attend the studio and should take their lessons online for the period of isolation, if they are well enough to do so.
  • Ant tutor who becomes ill with symptoms will be asked to follow the stay at home guidance.

Use of the Studio Space

  • For now there will now be no waiting room facility in the studio.
  • Students will queue up outside following 2 meter markers we will draw out for them, and will be allowed to enter one by one just before the lesson time.
  • Use of hand gel is mandatory on entering the building.
  • Hand gel will also be provided in all rooms.
  • The corridor will become 1 way with students who have finished their lesson leaving the lesson room and will exit via the fire escape on volunteer street.
  • Changes will be made to which room your lessons will be delivered in to ensure the correct social distancing is met, with even greater space available for singing and saxophone students who will not be able to wear masks to play.
  • The Jamm room will not be available for warm up or warm down for students.
  • Toilets will be made a one in / one out system.
  • We ask that where possible we continue to keep all payments online.
  • Documents for students will continue to be provided online so no paper needs to be passed between people.
  • Our air filtering system has now been updated and the system will now work to pull stale air out above your head and out of the room to ensure more safety.

Studio Cleaning

  • Before we reopen, the studio will have a full deep clean.
  • All instruments will be sanitised at the beginning and end of each teaching day.
  • If a student has used a communal instrument, that will be sanitised at the end of each lesson.
  • High traffic areas such as door handles and light switches will be cleaned regularly throughout the day.
  • Toilet and communal areas such as the corridor will be cleaned every day and intermittently where needed.