Laney IRT Pulse exclusive with Paul Glover!

More Laney and Ibanez goodies in the studio!

Today we were treated to a whole hoard of new gear from Laney and Ibanez, Including the magical tone box that is the new IRT Pulse, the new 2015 Steve Vai Jem premium 77pBFP, Roadcore Premium RC720, Roadcore Prestige RC1320, Plus the insane Ibanez Iron Label 7 string beast (aptly named the RGIT27FE. good name!).
As usual the gear guru Paul Glover put everything through its paces in our incredible live room, surrounded by his awesome stereo Laney Ironheart rig!
Here’s the details on all of todays gear…..

IRT Pulse

Forged deep within the Black Country – the metal beating industrial heartland of the UK – where the sound of metal music was born, comes the IRTPULSE. The IRTPULSE opens up a new world of opportunities for guitarists and is a totally new way of experiencing the legendary IRONHEART tone. The IRTPULSE is a tube-loaded multi functional guitar interface. Plug into the IRTPULSE and instantly have your tube tone wherever you want it.
A full run down on this magic tone box, including diagrams, can be found in our next masterclass blog post!

Jem 77pBFP

One of the Steve Vai signature line of guitars this model has a maple fret board, gravity storm and evolution pickups, and finished off with an edge zero II trem. But the best part of this shred machine is the incredible blue on black floral Jem finish! this finish has been unseen since the early modals and is a sight to behold!

Roadcore Premium RC720

The Roadcore incorporates a classic, retro design with all the modern playability you have come to expect from Ibanez. The Roadcore’s individual round-profiled neck ensures comfort and playability, providing and instantly responsive and familiar feel. The custom-designed Core-Tone pickups provide warm, yet cutting sound. Grab a Roadcore and get inspired.

Roadcore Prestige RC1320

This model is mostly similar to its brother above but with it being a prestige model you get more! This one has Gotoh Magnum locking machine heads, and is loaded up with Seymore Duncan ’59 and JC model pickups, Plus and incredible high gloss finish!

Ibanez Iron label RGIT27FE 7-string

This things is a monster! The Iron Label concept of RGIT’s through-neck construction, at its most fundamental, is a multi-hardwood core with lighter weight Ash “wings” added to give the body its iconic shape. The RGIT 7pc-piece Maple/Walnut Nitro Wizard through-neck and ash-wing body pump out full, fat tone with endless sustain. A beautiful bound ebony fretboard lets you fly across its smooth, quick surface and provides a tighter low end with a more percussive attack. American-made EMG® pickups are carefully matched to the basswood body, and capable of multi-layered dynamics and tone. The Gibraltar bridge is locked down and designed to stay out of the way of the picking hand. Gotoh machine heads offer incredible tuning stability on RGIT models. And to top it off create a musical strobe effect in the palm of your hand with the built-in kill switch. Oh and what about that finish!


Check out all of the reviews in the video playlist below! Hit play, sit back and watch them all!

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