May the 4th be with you!! Star Wars and Guitars!

Star Wars day is nearly upon us, an we we’ve decided to celebrate it the only way we now how…. with an insane Star Wars themed guitar clinic!

Step inside the Jamm Star and meet our very own Darth Glover!

We are proud to present the second incredible guitar clinic with our resident guitar legend, the amazing Paul Glover!!

Anyone who has been to our events or attended Paul’s first clinic here in May last year will know this event is not to be missed!!


Join us in our incredible live room for a full on Jedi vs Sith battle, as Paul demonstrates how to emulate the playing and composition styles of :


Jedi’s: Jimmy Page, Dave Gilmour, Jimi Hendrix.


Sith’s: Slash, Magic Sam, Steve Vai.


Then to top it all off Paul will take you through different rig set ups to achieve the sounds required for these players!


Whether you’re a seasoned player, a weekend warrior or are just a fan of one of the names above, this clinic is for you!


As with the Pauls last clinic this one will be fully interactive with the use of animations and the opportunity to plug in and play along with the demonstrations while trying out some incredible amps courtesy of our friends at Laney Amplification, and dual with Paul through his wireless rig!


Check out the promo video below!