Meet the team!!

Here at Jamm our team of music teaching super heroes are ready to take your playing to places you never thought possible, whether you are a beginner or pro! Think of us as a musical version of the A Team…….

Something like this…..

In the late 80’s a group of talented musicians refused to take part in the X factor revolution. For this act they were exiled into the music wilderness. They promptly joined together and vowed to fight back against music teaching mediocrity and jingly jangly pop. Still wanted, they moved to St.Helens to make a stand! 
If you have a problem strumming that C chord, if you struggle singing in key or if you need help with your paradiddles, and if you can find them, then maybe you can hire the Jamm Team!

Or something like that……

Sit back, relax and hit play on the YouTube playlist below to see videos of all of our team!

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