More Laney magic for the studio!

Back in June we updated our amp set ups in the studio with some awesome Laney LX65R’s!

We thought it was time to bring in more Laney goodness in the shape of the incredible Ironheart IRT Studio head plus a 1×12 cab, another LX65R, and for our bass students the Richter Bass RB3!

here’s the techy bit on all of these amps….

IRT Studio

Featuring the same great IRONHEART tones as the bigger heads but in a low wattage studio package with some neat features added.

Most of us agree that we’d love to record in a situation where making a lot of noise was not an problem but in most cases we’re recording in our home studios and making a lot of noise is not always an option.

So the IRONHEART IRTSTUDIO has a couple of features designed specifically to allow you to get a great tone whether you are recording in the studio or recording live.

The IRTSTUDIO features a USB Audio I/O and a RE-AMP send jack. TheUSB supplies both a dry signal and the processed signal – split left and right to your DAW – directly into either your PC/MAC or iPAD, which means that you can alter the guitar tone of your original recording – without having to re-track anything!

The IRTSTUDIO has an internal dummy load – so unlike a conventional tube loaded amp – you don’t need to connect an external speaker – Which gives you truly silent recording!

The IRTSTUDIO also houses a high quality speaker-emulated record out immediately after the output section which means it delivers all valve tone to your DAW or PA or both at the same time for recording your live shows.



The RB3 kicks out 65watts RMS of low-end power and its clean ergonomic preamp is packed with everything you need to get a great bass tone. Hi and Normal jack options give you flexibility when it comes to plugging you bass in, a powerful 3 band EQ with a parametric mid gives you great control over your tone.

A carpet covered dual position kick back cabinet features a custom designed 12″ driver + HF Horn.


As with all Laney products, we you can order these amps directly from the studio at great prices!

Try them out in your next lesson.