Student Jamms – Episode 28

Our First Post Lockdown Episode! Finally we are back to recording our awesome students in the studio! Well done to the following students who appeared in this episode! Ewan Ashcroft (Drums) – 00:26 Elliot Meechan […]

5 Stroke Roll Application – September Insta Jamm 1

From Pad To Kit! Take your rudiments from the pad to the kit in this weeks Insta Jamm! Lee shows us how to take the 5 stroke exercises from his previous episode and apply them […]

Learn To Play Queen Another One Bites The Dust – August Insta Jamm 2

Bass is back! Get to grips with a queen classic in this week episode. One of the most iconic bass lines ever! Remember to like, share and subscribe! Thanks for watching! 

Student Jamms – Qatar Episode 2

Round 2 for our Qatar students! We’re back with more awesome student performances! Well done to the following students who appear in this episode: Barry Romberg (Vocals) – 00:25 Aaron Scott (Guitar) – 03:26 Serene […]

Saxophone Chromatics – August Insta Jamm 1

Making use of simple scales! Put your scales to use as Luke focusses on the use of the chromatic scale and how useful it can be on the saxophone! Remember to like, share and subscribe […]

Song Writing With A Looper – July Insta Jamm 2

Get creative with your writing! The finale to Alex’s looper pedal series! Pick up some great tips and tricks on writing using a looper pedal! Remember to like, share and subscribe for more videos! Thanks […]

5 Stroke Roll Basics – July Insta Jamm 1

Drum rudiment Workout! This week Lee is helping you level up your drum skills by taking a look at some really useful rudiments! Check it out and practice as we will expand these ideas to […]

Learn To Play Bill Withers Just The Two Of Us – June Insta Jamm 3

Luke’s Back With New Episodes! It’s been a while since we’ve all seen him in a video, but Luke is back with some awesome saxophone riffs! Try out this iconic Bill Withers classic! Remember to […]

Student Jamms – Episode 27

More lockdown performances from our awesome students! Well done to the following students who appeared in this episode! Mikey Atherton (Drums) – 00:25 Alice Bonney (Piano) – 02:12 Matthew Peaty (Guitar) – 04:45 Owen Riley […]