Ask Us Anything – August 2018!

1 Year of great questions! Who can believe it’s 1 year since we started this series! Welcome to our anniversary episode and thank you for all the questions you have all sent to us each […]

What is MIDI? – August Insta Jamm 2

The age old question! Welcome to our newest episode of Insta Jamm, our awesome online video series where we offer handy hints, tips, riffs and grooves to help with your playing and studio skills. This […]

Student Jamms – Episode 6!

Check out these awesome performances! This month our students offer up some funky bass and awesome guitar shred. Well done to the following students who appear in this episode: Harry Houghton (Drums) – 00:24 Paul […]

Mixing Major & Minor Pentatonics – August Insta Jamm

Try some blues improv! In this weeks Insta Jamm we bring you some handy tips for your improv! Blues progressions are great places to experiment with blurring the lines between major and minor. In this […]

Ask Us Anything – July 2018!

Advice for drums and guitar this month! thank you to everyone who submitted questions for this months video! This months episode focusses on our guitar and drum playing students, so here are this months questions! […]

Home Recording Course – NEW!!

Maximise your home studio set up and learn new skills! Do you have a tonne of ideas for new music and have become sick of  recording things into your phone? Or have you splashed out […]

Audio Interface Basics – July Insta Jamm 3

Studio building blocks! Following our recent studio Insta Jamm where we tackled DAW’s, what they are and which ones are on offer for us to use, we now move on to the next essential item […]

3 Octave Arpeggios – July Insta Jamm 2

Level up your fret knowledge! Getting around the fret board can be a task for any player when they are learning, especially at the start of your journey. This weeks Insta Jamm episode gives you […]

What is a DAW? – July Insta Jamm 1

Get your studio set up right! So far in our studio Insta Jamm series we have dealt with many common issues. From microphone techniques for amps and drum kits, to cable and microphone types and […]