Now our big kids can rock out too!

Today is an exciting day for us here at Jamm as we announce an awesome new service to our tuition programme!


For a long time now our more mature students (our big kids) have been envious of the awesome time our younger students have in their weekly Jamm Factory sessions and at the live shows they take part in at the end of each set list!


Well….their time has come!


Today we are proud to announce The Jamm Preserves sessions! Designed especially for our big kids to put their skills into action in a band setting and rock out at some awesome live shows!

Preserves band 1


Adult students usually struggle to put their playing skills to good use due to busy lives that prevent them from joining bands (not that they would be looking for something with the pressure of a weekly rehearsal and gigs) or from being able to attend their second option which is to dropping into a local jam night and having a go with whoever is in on that night (something that for most would be a huge stress due to the inability to have an environment with no audience or judgement, making this a potential uncomfortable option.


If you are prevented from enjoying performing due to similar issues as above then our new Jamm Preserves sessions are the perfect opportunity to play with other like minded musicians of a similar age and ability, in a no pressure, safe environment, under the guidance of one of our expert tutors.


Groups meet one Sunday a month for a two-hour session (priced at £16 per person, with bands built on a vocalist, two guitarists, a bassist and drummer), to progressively build a killer set list and work on your performance skills . With all this leading up to fantastic live shows in and out of the studios this could be the perfect solution to putting your skills to use!


Today we will run our first sessions and with all band spaces filled we will be working towards completing their set list for a show in early 2016!


To check on their progress click the button below to view images from rehearsals! Their performance will be announced in our events news section in early 2016!

Preserves Band 2