Onsets! – April InstaJamm 2

Master those tricky vowel sounds!

Jens back with more top tips to improve your voice and all round singing ability!

In our first vocal Insta Jamm earlier this month Jen introduced us to some basic warm up to help you be fully prepared to perform or rehearse without damage to your voice. In this episode we dive into the world of onsets as we discover how the way we initiate a pitch can have an effect on the quality of the sound of a musical phrase.

Onsets are how we get onto a sound or initiate a pitch that starts with a vowel. Consonants kind of take care of themselves but anything beginning with an A, E, I, O, U or even sometimes a Y can be a little harder to get right.

Check out the video below where Jen demonstrates the glotal, the aspirate and the simultaneous onsets and see if you can try them in your own practice or performances.

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