Riff in 12 keys! – March InstaJamm 2

Master transposition with simple riffs!

We’re back with more handy hints and tips for our saxophone playing friends out there in this months second instalment of Insta Jamm!

Transposition is a topic that runs right to the heart of playing saxophone, and is usually something that creates a world of headaches and nightmares when students first attempt to play with other musicians.

With variants of the Saxophone being in either Bb or Eb knowing how to transpose is key to being able to understand where you instrument needs to play to be in key with other musicians, most commonly those that are at concert pitch.

In this episode Luke demonstrates how we can take a simple riff in one key and simply move it around the circle of 5ths/4ths to hear that riff in every key.

This is a great practice exercise for students as not only will it build your knowledge of the circle of 5ths/4ths, but will enhance your ability to transpose (a vital skill) and give you a greater understanding of the range of your instrument.

Add this type of exercise to your practice routine and try it out. Remember to let us know what you would like to see in future episodes, and always like, share and subscribe!


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