Songo Groove – February InstaJamm 2

An advanced groove to test your skills!

We hope our recent paradiddle groove episode gave you an interesting view on how some dry rudiments can be applied to the kit in fresh ways. They can create some interesting grooves and by doing that you can strengthen your ability to play those sticking patterns as a whole!

This months second instalment has a distinctly Afro-Cuban vibe to things as Lee introduces you to an killer Songo groove thats a real test for your coordination!

Songo grooves are considered to be at the more difficult end of the Latin/Afro-cuban catalogue of grooves but this groove is fun to play no matter what level you are at. For beginners make sure you slow this down and perhaps change the way this is counted/written on the screen to being in 8ths rather than 16ths. and for advanced players try changing the feel of this groove by moving the right and left hands around the kit, or swapping the hi hat pattern to the more traditionally used cowbell!

As always please let us know what you would like to see in future episodes, and film yourself playing this groove and leave it as a comment on the video post on our Facebook page!

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