Sweep Pick Lick – June Insta Jamm 1

Try this ferocious sweep pick lick!

In this weeks shred-tastic episode of Insta Jamm, our guitar god Paul Glover gives us an insight into an new guitar technique, sweep picking!

This is generally thought of as a “shredders” technique and involves sweeping the pick across the strings to create a quick succession of notes. however it can be said that this technique has been around for a long time, almost as long as the pick itself!

It can be and has been used in many genres and is a must have tool for any guitarists to have in their trick bag.

In this video Paul takes a simple G major lick spread across all the strings to demonstrate how this can be used.

Check out the notation for the lick below:

Give this lick a go and try and incorporate some sweeps into your solos etc and see how they work with your playing.

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