Vocal Warm Ups! – April InstaJamm

Vocal Insta Jamms are here!

Its another InstaJamm debut this month with our vocal coach Jen making her first appearance in this hints and tips series!

Warm ups are an important part of a routine for any musician and none more so than singers. Its essential for any vocalist to ensure that their voice is properly warmed up before attempting to take part in any performance or session. Not doing this can have some serious consequences including damaging your voice! Not something you will want to do if singing is your reason for being!

However having said this, its not always easy to ensure you warm up. The biggest issue that singers face is not having a place to warm up pre gig/performance and this can lead to avoiding the warm up all together. Not good.

In the first Insta Jamm of the month Jen shows us some really simple exercises that you can do anywhere to make sure you’re ready to take to the stage and show your voice at its best!

Remember you don’t always have to produce sound when you’re warming up, there are a whole host of warm up exercises that don’t require you to physically sing. From massaging your cheeks to release tension, to running your tongue along your teeth to stretch out those jaw muscles, and finally using your imagination to pretend you are producing sound but only doing the movement of the warm up with your larynx.

But if you are looking for some easy warm ups to do for a full warm up, try the sirens and lip rolls in this episode!

As a warning, you must remember that not everyone can do all warm ups (lip rolls are hard), and you should only ever take warm ups to a point where your comfortable and not trying to break the extremes of your range or get to a level of discomfort. So stay safe and have a great gig!

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