Warm Up! – January InstaJamm 2

Two episodes in one month? Can it be true?


Our monthly Insta Jamm YouTube series launched in September last year and since then it has grown in popularity amongst our students an online!

We thought we would treat everyone in 2017 by releasing a new episode every two weeks! Twice the knowledge and fun every month!

January is guitar month and we have another shredtastic video for you! Our guitar lord, Paul Glover, takes your warm ups to another level in this episode!

You maye have seen our previous episodes on warm ups and added those to your practice routines. In this exercise Paul shows you another finger per fret lick that can be sequenced in different ways to put your individual fingers to the test!

Try this out and see what tempo you can work it up to and watch your dexterity across the fret board improve!

As always let us know what you would like to see from future Insta Jamm episodes, and remember to like share and subscribe!