Welcome to Insta Jamm!

Our new video series is here!


If you’ve been looking for some awesome, hints, tips, and golden nuggets of wisdom to help expand your knowledge, practice and playing then look no further!


Today we launch Insta Jamm!


Insta Jamm is our new video series featuring all of our awesome team! In these bite size monthly videos we look to give you some handy practice exercises, and playing tips and advice to help with your journey. Whether you’re looking for help with your creativity around the drum kit, to increase your speed in guitar solos, or some simple ways to look at theory, there will be an Insta Jamm video for you.


In this first Insta Jamm video christian takes you through in guitar warm up thats sure to get you shredding!


Leave your thoughts in the comments section and let us know what you would like to see in future videos!


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